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Chloe by LALISA | True Black

Chloe by LALISA | True Black

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tep into a realm of sophistication with Chloe, the ballet flat that’s more than footwear—it’s an essential for your wardrobe. Chloe embodies the essence of clean, timeless style with a modern twist in its hardware details. Meticulously crafted, it's designed not just for your feet but to uplift your entire look.

Let's talk comfort and class: Chloe's handcrafted leather sole with a non-slip rubber pad is where luxury meets practicality. This combo ensures extreme comfort, letting you glide through life with grace and confidence. Whether you’re acing a boardroom meeting or enjoying wine with friends, Chloe’s is by your side when on your feet!

Indulge your feet in the embrace of 100% leather uppers and insoles, offering a blend of comfort and performance with every step. Chloe isn’t just about looking good; it's about feeling fantastic too.

Welcome to Chloe, where comfort harmonizes flawlessly with functionality. Every stride you take becomes a declaration of your devotion to timeless beauty and comfort. It’s time to elevate your style and enhance your life with Chloe by your side.

  • 100% suede upper and 100% leather lined.
  • Made in Spain.
  • 1/2" flat heel.
  • Made by artisans.
  • Slow Fashion - we make what we need to avoid excess waste to do our part to alleviate a large problem in the fashion industry. 
  • Our boxes are created with recycled cardboard.
  • We cater to style not trend.
  • Our "flats" are not so flat.  Our low heel helps eliminate the negative feeling of most flats.


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