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Everyday LALISA

  • My Black Chloe flats are always near me....if they are not on me they are by the door for a quick slip on to finish my outfit.  It could be a jeans and t shirt day or it could be a boardroom day.  They work perfectly either way!

  • I just love this photo.  I am walking with my friend both with LALISA shoes on....she has super narrow feet and I have wide feet.  We happen to wear the same size but the shape of our feet is entirely different.  Guess what?  The best fit on BOTH of us!  Not only the best fit...I am a white jeans girl and she love a colorful dress and the LALISA shoes work well with both outfits.  We may or may not be heading out for martinis......

  • My favorite shoe memory is a pair of flat black patent ballet/loafers with black sequins on the top of the instep which is clear why the Silvi Black Glitter is close to my heart.  A chic black loafer with a subtle black glitter band just works.  It works casual and works dressed up.  I am coming back from an event with black slacks and a sequin poncho top.  The Silvi was the perfect finish. Everyone asked me where I got my shoes....and now they know!  LALISA Silvi Black Glitter