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Discover Your Ideal Fit: Insights from Our Experts

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Explore the comfort and craftsmanship of Hello LALISA shoes with our comprehensive fit guide. While our chart offers general fitting recommendations, every shoe style on comes with specific fit insights under the "Fit Notes" section, crafted to ensure your utmost comfort in every step.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

To refine your size, we encourage measuring from your heel to your longest toe tip, utilizing centimeters for precise accuracy. For additional support or bespoke measurements for any style, feel free to reach out.

Initial Fit & Break-In

Hello LALISA shoes, fashioned from premium leather, are designed to envelop your feet snugly upon the first wear and gracefully widen with use, adhering to your unique foot contour. Accelerate the gentle break-in period and ease the leather by wearing them indoors with thick socks for a couple of days, and remember to try them on at various times to consider any natural fluctuations in foot size.

Identifying Your Ideal Size

  • Too Small? Feel for overarching tightness or toe-top cramping - the next size up might be your match.
  • Too Large? If your heel slips while walking, consider scaling half a size down.

In-Between Sizes?

Connect with our customer support specialists, your go-to experts for all styles, at for personalized guidance.

Heel Heights Guide

Our heels are meticulously measured in millimeters, and for your convenience, here are some common conversions also presented in inches within each product description:

  • 30 mm / 1 inch

Width Information

Presently, our collection is crafted on a medium-width last, with no options in narrow or wide widths. For specialized fit advice on styles that might accommodate various width needs, our customer service team is here to assist.