"Day One....wore them for 6 hours walking in Europe.  PERFECT and very comfy!!!!!"  (purchased at Club Boutique City Shoes in Portsmouth, NH)

-Kim | Deep River, CT

My LALISA's are an almost daily fashion choice for my work in Senior Management for the Trust division of a bank! The are office and client appropriate, go with everything I wear from my Anthropologie dresses to my Banana Republic dress pants, are super comfortable and well made and can go right to the weekend with casual attire.  Love them and their creator even more!

-Lori | Duxbury, MA

"I bought my shoes at The Shoe Market in Hingham, MA.I wear them both casual and also I have worn my Chloe shoes dressed up also! I have to say that LaLisa shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  The look of your shoes are so regal and they are a true classic!  You can wear them with most anything. They feel amazing!What I already own takes me awhile to break in.  I will be honest and say that wearing the Chloe shoes, they immediately were comfortable from the start.  I went in knowing that I wanted the LaLisa Chloe shoes, but I did ask when I first walked in where I could locate them because they had staff at the door to do just that.  She walked me over to where the LaLisa selection was and it was then that I also fell in love with the Sofia shoes!  So what do you do when you go in to buy the shoes you have set in your mind (the Chloe) and you see another pair that you love also (the Sofia)?  You buy them both!  Which is exactly what I did!  I know for a fact that I will buy the Chloe in other colors.  I thought the black was a must have to start, but I love so many of the different colored Chloe and the style is so classic, which never goes out of style, that I want them in all colors!"

- Gail | Marion, MA

"I bought my LALISA  at Shoes 'N' More in Westchester.  I was eyeing their assortment of flats the salesperson showed me the LALISA assortment and told me "these are Gucci quality flats" and she was right. The leathers are amazing and so soft!  My job as General Counsel requires me to be able to be office ready, event/dinner ready and comfortable all at the same time.  These flats have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.  Thank you to the fantastic sales woman at Shoes 'N' More who recommended them!  I will be back for another pair.

-Kristen | Pelham, NY

"I bought my fabulous LALISA flats because I was looking for comfortable flats to wear regularly.  I sing in my church choir, and these are the flats I wear with my choir robs and cotta every Sunday! They feel great on my feet from service to coffee hours.  I also wear my LALISA flats while I am out and about.  If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will always look and feel good...these are the ones to buy!

-Heedan | Scarsdale, NY  (purchased at Shoes 'N' More Bronxville, NY)

"I was so happy to find my Chloe's by Lalisa at Shoes 'N' More Bronxville. They were super helpful and explained to me these are the most comfortable ballet slipper around.   They are perfect for work and play!" 

- Vivian | Scarsdale, NY

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